I am...
A freelancer. This is my full time job, I don't do this on the side. I will work with you, and for you, on business hours (and after hours if need be). My rates are low for I don't have a staff and work from my house. And yes, it is a house I own :) I like to say that for people often think I am 18 and doing this from my parent's house. I graduated in 1998 with my bachelors in art and have been working professionally as a designer ever since. My broad range of knowledge and experience, combined with design ability are an asset to my clients. And hopefully for you...

Are you?...
You work for a large company and do a lot of design in house:
But your team is crushed with work and you need to outsource a project, or need on going support. I can be engaged to work with you as a partner and get the job done. Or help you and your team inject a new perspective on a stale and tired project.

Own or work for a small company, brewery, farm, etc...:
Have design needs from time to but not enough to hire a designer full time. I can act and respond to you as if I was your employee. Work with your project management system, integrate with your team, and hit your deadlines. When you don't have design needs you don't have to worry about paying me to sit around doing nothing.

Want to start a business, or event, or....:
You need to keep your start up costs down and want to get started on the right foot. My prices are really low and I will help you establish a brand that helps you succeed from the beginning.

You are a marketing firm, design agency, or web development firm:
This is the bulk of my work. I act like a team member and work with you to produce a great product for your client. This allows you to use me when needed, but save on overall costs when work flow slows down. During any contact with your client I will represent your business professionally and will respect the relationship you have with them.

- - - - - -

What I do
- Logo Design
- Identity Suite Design
- Brand Guidelines
- Marketing Materials

- Collateral Design

- Stationery Package Design

- Business Card Design

- Letterhead Design

- Envelope Design

- Brochure Design

- Postcard Design

- Flyer Design

- Poster Design

- Packaging Design

- Label Design

- Product Label Design

- Promotional Products

- Newsletter Design

- Apparel Design & T-shirt Design

- Environmental & Signage Design

- Print Design

- Menu Design

- Print & Online Advertising

- Direct Mail

- Social Media Asset Design

- Website Design

- Tradeshow Exhibits

What I don't do
- Photography (but I know several great photographers and can make the introduction)
- Copy writing (I am happy to lend my creative mind to tag lines, etc.. but full on copy writing isn't my thing.)
- Coding. I am not a coder. I can design your site but can't code it. But know several great development firms that can handle that part of the process.

In summary
I can fit in where you need me -- I can work with you as a partner, employee, or sub contractor. I will use your established systems and integrate with your business and business model.
Getting great design services from an experienced designer is easier than you think. I look forward to the opportunity to prove it to you.
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